Welcome to Pass The Bubble Wrap. 

Hey Groovers,

I thought I should formally introduce myself.

I’m Jo, (short for Joanne) I’m 42, a primary school teacher, I’m slightly BAT SHIT crazy, who is totally hilarious and always landing in some kind of trouble. On any given day, I am mostly surviving in Melbourne, Australia.

I have been a single parent of 2 Punks for the last 17 years, my son Jack,  being mildly autistic. I am also the “evil mother” of a prepubescent 12 year old girl Punk!!


I have been living with chronic depression since I was a small child and this will be the focus of my blog. Most days are a constant struggle and the struggle is very real. My days vary. There are some fabulous days, there are great days, OK days, ordinary days and god damn awful days. Generally there is a pinch of sanity and a dash of crazy in the mix too.

You are probably curious about the title of my blog. Bubble wrap is my “go to” when the SHIT really hits the fan!!! I always have some in my handbag and in the car. I encourage you all to do the same. Life is stressful and people can be assholes!!! In fact, people can really SUCK ASS!!!!

Bubble wrap is safer than drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.  Unless, of course, you are trying to suffocate yourself (or someone else) with it!! From my experience,  bubble wrap is also a preferable “go to” than stabbing someone in the eyeball with a fork, or punching someone in the teeth……with a brick!!! 😁😁😁 On those really bad days, when I am fighting my demons,  I can sometimes be found on the floor of my wardrobe, in the foetal position, (sometimes rocking) and popping bubble wrap.


I am highly educated, I have a Bachelors Degree (with majors in Women’s Studies and Professional Writing) and a Graduate Diploma in Education. I consider myself a feminist. Some would argue I am somewhat of an activist, who is very opinionated. I give a voice to the “voiceless!!” I will fight for what is right, even if it means I die trying!!  I swear like a trooper, and I have bigger balls than most men I know.

I hope to connect with others living and struggling with mental illness. Furthermore, I hope my blog provides support, helpful advice, encouragement and lots of laughs, especially to those who need it.

So if you love a great sense of humor and could do with some laughs, please join me on my new adventure.
Buckle Up Bitches and Enjoy the Ride.

Pass the bubble wrap,
Jo. Xx



7 thoughts on “Welcome to Pass The Bubble Wrap. 

  1. Hey Jo, popping bubble wrap is something we have in common. It’s oddly therapeutic, though I don’t usually keep it in my hand bag (maybe I should!) You say that people suck and yeah life can be stressful, but I reckon on this blog you’ll find that the online community is damn wonderful, supportive and genuine. Enjoy your blogging.

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  2. We have much in common…except for deriving any pleasure from bubble wrap! Initially, I wrote just travelogues but then decided to share my personal and professional experience of mental health. Such an eye-opener and I now have many new thoughtful and caring friends. Good luck with your blog.

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