The worst mother in the world! 

Recently I posted this in a few of our local Buy, Swap and Sell groups, here in Melbourne, Australia. Collectively the groups have over 70,000 members. This post was liked, commented on and shared thousands of times and, in effect, went viral. 

What isn’t known to my audience, is the very real pain behind our closed doors. 2016 has been a very difficult year indeed, for myself and two teenagers. 

Following my “For Sale” ad is a link to a GoFundMe campaign, that I have set up on behalf of my two teenagers and I. You can read our story and what led me to post this ad in the Buy, Swap and Sell pages. 

The truth is……it was a very real, cry for help, from a single mother, at the end of her rope, who is barely hanging on. 



They come with:

*2 Ipads: 1 X IPad Mini (Fantastic Condition) The other, Older style, with a cracked screen. 

*2 IPhones: Models 5 and 5C.

*Disgusting attitudes. 

*Inner Anger issues. 

*Selective hearing.

*Proficient in vulgar language and self taught karate moves. 

*Lots of time on their hands. 

*May work, half assed, for $$$$$$$$$.

*Will consider swapping for other services, wine, chocolate and drugs. 

P.S: Please consider donating to our campaign, if you are not in a position to donate, then please consider sharing it.


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